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Shirts and Tops


In this category you'll find only the most fashionable shirts and tops for big breasts, crafted with love especially for your curvy figure. We know what usually happens to your fabulous curves when buying normal shirts: if it fits in the waist, it's too small in the bust, and if it fits in the bust, it does nothing for your waist!

Our clothes are moulded using unique patterns specially designed for big breasts: tops, shirts and blouses are cut to accentuate your gorgeous waist and leave plenty of room in the bust. As well using natural fibres such as cotton, wool, viscose and silk, all of our shirts for big breasts feature more buttons than normal, to ensure that the fabric doesn't part around the bust. Most importantly, we know the importance of a good neckline when it comes to flattering your figure: our tops and blouses feature specially measured necklines for busty ladies to ensure the cut and form is not too deep, too open or too high. You can be sure that our team of experts have taken care of every detail.